05 May 2023

Exciting news coming to Terra Parque

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Tourism is an ever-evolving industry, and to stay relevant, it is necessary to keep up with market trends and innovations. That's exactly what Terra Parque has been doing in the past few months.

Com uma visão de futuro bem definida, o resort tem investido em novas tecnologias e maquinários, como a aquisição da retroescavadeira New Holland and expanding leisure areas, such as the creation of the Beach Tennis courts area, all to provide its guests with the best possible experience. Terra Parque is always striving to innovate and delight its customers.

In addition, the resort has been actively participating in various innovation events in tourism, such as the BTL tourism mission in Portugal, to stay updated on industry trends and opportunities. This active participation in industry events has yielded excellent results for the resort's customers. Through the knowledge gained, they have made various investments in wine pairing training and expanding the resort's bar menuwith new techniques and trendy drinks.

The emphasis on technology and innovation has been a significant differentiator for the resort, attracting an increasing number of guests in search of a unique and distinctive experience.

But Terra Parque won't stop! With a big surprise on the way, the team is working hard to bring something truly surprising and distinctive that promises to take the resort to new heights. Stay tuned to the resort's communication channels to be the first to learn more details about this incredible upcoming news!

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