24 Jun 2024

Volcano attracts thousands of travelers to the interior of São Paulo

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Terra Parque Volcano in the Interior of São Paulo

The Terra Parque Eco Resort, located in the interior of São Paulo, just 10 minutes from Presidente Prudente Airport, offers a unique attraction that has been captivating visitors from Brazil and around the world: the majestic Terra Parque Volcano. Additionally, the resort has received several awards from the world's largest travel community, TripAdvisor, and is known for its authentic Brazilian cuisine, adventures ranging from ecological trails to tree climbing with zip lines, recreational activities that promote ecological awareness for children, and a wide range of leisure and entertainment options amidst nature.

Vulcão Terra Parque no interior de SP em erupção

Terra Parque Volcano Erupting

A Unique Attraction in the World

Recently, Terra Parque Eco Resort has become one of the most sought-after destinations in Brazil. The main attraction? The spectacular aquatic volcano, an impressive figure that stands out in the national tourism scene. The Terra Parque Volcano, with its heated volcanic pool, is located inside a thematic cave that harks back to the Mesozoic era. The cave is adorned with stalactites, characteristic vegetation, and carefully designed sound effects, providing visitors with an immersive experience, making them feel like explorers from ancient times.

Entering the cave is just the beginning of the adventure. To the right and left of the volcano, waterfalls that lead adventurers to a mysterious tunnel. So, to access the volcano waterslides, you gotta climb the fossil-like dinosaur backbone that flows into the resort's aquatic complex pools. Inside the cave, a life-sized dinosaur figure, crafted by the resort's talented art team, blows smoke, roars and comes alive, shimmering in the pool's daylight reflections.

Piscina Vulcânica do Vulcão Terra Parque no interior de SP

Volcanic Pool of Terra Parque Volcano

Later, at nightfall, Terra Parque Volcano turns into an impressive visual spectacle. With audiovisual effects, real fire, and an engaging story as it is narrated and acted out with theater and dance, the volcano show is an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Millions of eyes in the countryside of Sao Paulo

All this scenario makes Terra Parque Volcano a truly extraordinary and unique project in the world. Since its launch, the resort has achieved several impressive milestones. In 2023, Terra Parque reached the mark of 121 million people in digital media, along with a 900% increase in organic website traffic, solidifying itself as one of the most followed resorts in Brazil.

This increase in visibility not only represents growth in brand recognition but also directly reflects on sales. In 2023, Terra Parque surpassed the market in terms of sales growth and expects a 30% increase in 2024.

The President and CEO of Terra Parque Group, Julio Moraes, emphasizes the importance of this commitment: "It's a huge responsibility because we've chosen to take on this commitment to transform people's lives. When you align a clear business vision with a passion for creating incredible and unforgettable memories for customers, everything makes sense."

The visionary behind the grand project

Engineer Sandra Yokota, co-owner and the mind behind Engineer Sandra Yokota, co-owner and the mind behind Terra Parque's innovative projects , is the visionary who transformed tourism in the region. Surprisingly during the pandemic, a period of uncertainty, Sandra envisioned Terra Parque Volcano, a unique project in Brazil, conceived with dedication and passion.

“Terra Parque Volcano is truly a one-of-a-kind project in the world, conceived and built with all our heart by our team and me. Every detail, from conception to materialization, was meticulously planned and executed. It was a journey of dedication and passion, building the volcano rock by rock, to provide our visitors with an unparalleled experience. Seeing people's reactions as they experience this spectacle is what motivates us to keep innovating and raising the standards of the tourism and entertainment industry,” says Sandra Yokota.

Terra Parque Recebe Premiacao Da Maior Comunidade De Viajantes Do Mundo

Júlio Moraes and Sandra Yokota, owners of Terra Parque Eco Resort

Celebrities in the countryside of SP

The success of Vulcão Terra Parque has also attracted many celebrities to the resort in the countryside of SP. Among the distinguished visitors are Maiara & Maraísa, Whindersson Nunes, Almir Sater, Ary Toledo, Fernanda Vasconcellos, Heloísa Périssé, Kayky Brito, Malvino Salvador, Murilo Couto, Priscila Fantin, Thiago Ventura, as well as Vera Fischer, Yasmin Santos, Rey Costa and many others.

A Unique Attraction in the World

Vanessa, a guest who came all the way from Manaus to visit the resort, shared her experience: "I'm from Amazonas and came to Terra Parque to see this volcano I saw on Instagram, and it's a spectacle. Terra Parque really surprised us, exceeded our expectations, from the recreation activities, where our young son, despite having difficulty interacting, made new friends very quickly, to the food and all the diversity of nature. It truly is proving to be a unique experience."

03 - Vanessa e André, hóspedes do Terra Parque que vieram do Amazonas para conhecer o Vulcão Terra Parque

Vanessa and André, guests of Terra Parque who came from the Amazon to visit the Terra Parque Volcano

"My name is Mustafa, I'm from Cairo in Egypt. The reason I've come here more than 4 times is that this place is magical, with very flavorful food. The rooms are very nice to rest, the reception and the people are wonderful. I had to come see the volcano! I was surprised, never imagined that something like this could be built. So, I ask you to visit this place, I will definitely come back here more times." - says Mustafa, a guest at Terra Parque Eco Resort, from Egypt.

A trip to the countryside of São Paulo

Certainly, the farm resort proposal of Terra Parque justifies why so many people leave their homes and come to seek peace in the interior of São Paulo. The resort is immersed in a charming rural neighborhood called Bairro Noite Negra. With a small farm and various rural tourism activities, Terra Parque offers tours of the region's natural beauty and tourist spots.

This welcoming environment and authentic activities provide a reconnection experience with nature, making the resort a perfect retreat for those seeking tranquility.

Passeio A Cavalo Terra Parque

Horseback Riding at Terra Parque

Releases for 2024

For the year 2024, Terra Parque has lots of new stuff in the works. They're building new spaces and areas at full throttle, aiming to wow guests even more with innovations and raising the resort's quality standards even higher.

Novas Construcoes Terra Parque

New Terra Parque Constructions

Also, one of the big news is the new season of the Terra Parque Volcano Show, which is already a success among the guests. So, the new season introduces new characters, theatrical sets, and performances, exceeding expectations and providing unforgettable moments.

Novo espetáculo do Vulcão Terra Parque no Interior de SP

New season spectacle of Vulcano Terra Parque

In short, Terra Park continues to raise the standards of the tourism and entertainment industry, with the volcano being the beating heart of this transformation. Definitely, the combination of a stunning natural setting, constant innovations, and a commitment to excellence makes Terra Park a must-visit destination for travelers from Brazil and around the world.

For everyone who wants to get up close and personal Terra Parque Volcano and live this unforgettable experience, just visit the website 

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