August 3, 2023

Terra Parque Volcano celebrates its 1-year eruption anniversary and goes viral on social media.

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Exactly one year after its launch, a magnificent and innovative figure emerged on the national tourism scene: the Terra Parque Volcano, a unique project conceived, designed, and built by the resort's co-owner, Sandra Yokota. This singular spectacle has become a phenomenon, enchanting visitors from all over the country. It is located just 10 minutes from Presidente Prudente and 50 minutes from Guarulhos via airports.

Vulcão Terra Parque ativo

Active Terra Parque Volcano

Over 3 Million Views on Social Media

Recently, Terra Parque Eco Resort has been celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Terra Parque Volcano with various online actions, featuring content that has become true viral sensations. In the past few days, they reached over 3 million people, sparking the interest and curiosity of travelers across Brazil. The astonishing impact and overwhelmingly positive comments about the experience at the volcano have only reinforced the greatness of this unique project.

The astonishing viralization of Terra Parque Volcano was not the result of mere chance, but rather the outcome of meticulous work that began long before its actual launch.

After this impactful result, the resort has become a desired destination for influential figures. Personalities such as Camila Loures, Reynaldo Costa, and Clara Teixeira, as well as several other famous travel portals, have expressed interest. The list of digital influencers continues to grow, with nearly 90 influencers reaching out to establish partnerships with the resort so far.

"When I first saw Terra Parque Volcano on the internet, I was completely fascinated! The eruption, the audiovisual effects, and the captivating theme left me enchanted and intrigued to experience it personally. I decided to visit the resort, and when I witnessed the volcano show up close, my admiration only grew. It's a unique and thrilling experience, worthy of being shared with my followers," says Bruna Brambila from the Portal Melhores Dicas de São Paulo, which presents the best tourist destinations and experiences in the state.

Bruna Brambila e família, do portal Melhores Dicas de São Paulo

Bruna Brambila and her family from the portal Melhores Dicas de São Paulo.

As a direct result of this impact, the demand for the brand has significantly increased, with an impressive growth of 70% in searches, projecting a surge in bookings for this semester. Therefore, Terra Parque solidifies itself as one of the leading references in tourism and entertainment in the country.

"This visibility has exponentially increased our digital presence, leading to a remarkable growth of 100,000 new followers on our Instagram profile in the last 5 days. It has been an exciting journey, and I feel honored to have a team of such talented, dedicated, and passionate professionals. We will continue to innovate and surprise, always keeping our purpose and reason for existence alive," says Richard Uzeloto, the resort's marketing and communication manager.

Richard Uzeloto, gerente de marketing e comunicação do resort, e sua equipe

Richard Uzeloto, the resort's marketing and communication manager, and his team

The Visionary Who Transformed Tourism

During the early days of the pandemic, a period filled with challenges and market uncertainties, the resort's owner, Sandra Yokota, proved to be a true visionary. It was in this adverse scenario that the innovative idea of Terra Parque Volcano was born, demonstrating courage and boldness in investing to create this unique project in Brazil.

The winds of innovation and creativity never cease at Terra Parque Volcano. With its first year of incandescent eruption, Sandra Yokota reveals that the project is far from reaching its peak. Among her inspiring visions is the remodeling of the water complex floor, which will be transformed to resemble a magnificent extension of lava, immersing visitors in an even more captivating and immersive atmosphere.

"The Terra Parque Volcano is truly a one-of-a-kind project in the world, conceived and built with all our hearts by our team and myself. Every detail, from conception to realization, was meticulously planned and executed. It was a journey of dedication and passion, building the volcano rock by rock to provide our visitors with an unparalleled experience. Seeing people's reactions as they experience this spectacle is what motivates us to continue innovating and raising the standards of the tourism and entertainment industry," says Sandra Yokota, engineer and owner of Terra Parque Eco Resort.

Together with her husband, Julio Moraes, they are the creators behind each venture of the Terra Parque Group, from Terra Parque Eco Resort to Terra Casa Náutica and Terra Park Orlando. Sandra Yokota is responsible for all infrastructure projects that make up each enterprise, leading the construction and maintenance team.

Sandra Yokota, engenheira e proprietária do Terra Parque

A Volcanic Cave of Unique Experiences

Majestic and captivating, Terra Parque Volcano features a heated volcanic pool located in a thematic cave from the Mesozoic era, complete with stalactites, characteristic vegetation, and carefully designed sound effects. Entering this cave is like immersing oneself in an awe-inspiring experience, as if becoming a true explorer of the ancient times of planet Earth. To the right and left of the volcano, waterfalls lead adventurers to a mysterious tunnel, where accessing the volcano's water slides requires scaling the backbone of a dinosaur. This dinosaur structure was built to resemble the authenticity of real fossils, leading directly to the side pools of the resort's water complex.

But the surprises don't end there. Inside the cave, a life-size, imposing dinosaur figure created by the talented artistic design team of the resort comes to life. This remarkable dinosaur emits smoke, roars, and gains a unique glow as it reflects the daylight on the water of the pool.

The Nature's Show in Boiling Eruption

Nights at Terra Parque become even more magical with the unmissable spectacle of the erupting volcano. With stunning audiovisual effects, spotlights dancing to the rhythm of the adventurous soundtrack emanating from the volcano's speakers, and real jets of fire, it is a unique and thrilling experience that transports visitors to a setting of an active volcano, where excitement and enchantment merge in a dance of indescribable sensations.

"The Terra Parque Volcano is incredible! I was completely impressed by the beauty of this place and how the volcano erupts with those special effects. The experience inside the volcanic cave is breathtaking; everything feels so real and immersive. My heartfelt congratulations to the resort for creating something so thrilling," says Isabela, a guest of Terra Parque Eco Resort.

Future projects also include the incorporation of experiential visits to Terra Parque Volcano through partnerships with schools, allowing children and teenagers to learn about sustainability and immerse themselves in history, combining theory with practical activities that the resort will offer.

Indeed, Terra Parque Eco Resort remains a symbol of excellence in innovation, creativity, and extraordinary experiences, offering a unique journey that combines the magic of nature with the audacity of human beings in creating something truly unforgettable.

Terra Parque Eco Resort is located in the interior of the state of São Paulo, and to visit Terra Parque Volcano and make reservations, simply contact the resort's team via WhatsApp (18) 98148-0079 or via website

Hóspedes assistindo ao show do Vulcão Terra Parque

Guests watching the Terra Parque Volcano show.

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