29 Jun 2024

Volcano Earth Park erupts with a new spectacle

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The Terra Parque Eco Resort has been wowing travelers from Brazil and around the world with its unique attraction, the Terra Parque Volcano. This resort offers an irresistible combination of authentic cuisine, adventure, recreational activities, as well as plenty of leisure and fun. Thousands of guests have already been enchanted by the magic and fantasy that the Terra Parque Volcano Show brings, making the resort a must-visit destination for those seeking memorable experiences.

Fantasy in the Terra Parque Volcano Show

Undoubtedly, the first season of the Terra Parque Volcano Show was a massive success among the resort's guests. With impressive audiovisual effects, real fire, artistic performances, and the engaging narration of the Terra Parque Volcano's story, visitors were transported to a world of fantasy and adventure. But the Terra Parque Eco Resort doesn't stop surprising.

Recently launched, the second season of the Terra Parque Volcano Show is already winning over the hearts of viewers. Furthermore, with new actors in prehistoric-themed costumes, theatrical performances, and synchronized dances to the rhythm of music and narrative, an epic conflict arises between the Protecting Warriors of the Terra Parque Volcano and the Amazon Warriors who desire the volcano's magic. Thus, this captivating battle unfolds throughout the resort's water complex, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Fantasia Vulcao Atrai Milhares De Viajantes Para O Interior De Sp

Dinner with the full Volcano Show experience

To make the experience even more special, Terra Parque has prepared an exclusive package for Presidente Prudente and region. This package includes an amazing dinner combined with the full Volcano Show experience at Terra Parque. Families will love enjoying a surprisingly wonderful meal, different from the routine, with over 15 varied dishes including meats, pastas, salads, and the chef's special dish, all with the best gastronomy prepared by chefs.


The dinner also includes a dessert station, offering 20 types of treats, including homemade sweets, elaborate desserts, cakes, ice creams, and much more. It's the perfect opportunity for visitors to indulge in a wide selection of desserts after a hearty and tasty dinner.

03 Sobremesas Inclusas No Jantar Do Terra Parque

As the biggest restaurant in the West of São Paulo, the themed meals are a highlight. With dishes that change daily, ensuring a unique culinary experience every visit. And the best part is that drinks are complementary and unlimited during dinner, including sodas, beers, concentrated juice, and water.

05 Refrigerante, Sucos, Cerveja E água Cortesia E à Vontade Durante O Jantar

Located just 10 minutes from Presidente Prudente Airport, the Terra Parque Eco Resort offers this exclusive package for Presidente Prudente and the surrounding region. The package is available on specific days and is an unbeatable opportunity to break away from the routine and experience unforgettable moments. To learn more about the magical night of the Terra Parque Volcano Show and enjoy a lot of themed gastronomy, just visit the Terra Parque website, or via WhatsApp at (18) 99730-1085

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