Terra Formatura

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Terra Formatura is located at the Eco Resort Terra Parque, next to Presidente Prudente- SP. With parties every single day, competitions, lots of swimming pools, the resorts offers a complete and safe experience for the 9° high school students from all over Brazil.

In 2023, TF is with a mega attraction for the parties: DJ Lucas Beat. The artist has done collaborations with great names from the musical industry, like Ana Castela, Lucas Lucco, Ed Sheeran, DogBeat, Zé Neto e Cristiano, Wesley Safadão and much more.










“The best place I ever visited in my life! The suites are incredible and the food is delicios, without telling the awesome parties. Everything is perfect. I will always remeber this trip, made new friends for the entire life!”

Thawã Ramos

Graduation trip

“Amazing place! Amazing etertainment team! Everything perfect! Best graduation set ever! Were the best 4 incredible and unforgettable days, never had this much fun and danced in my entire life! You are awesome!”

Ana Vidoto

Graduation trip


What should I do with the medical records, sports and contact that I received from the school?

Enviaremos um link online para a escola que deverá encaminhar aos pais/responsáveis e todas as fichas devem ser devidamente preenchidas e assinadas por eles. O preenchimento é obrigatório para que o aluno possa praticar esportes.

These must be handled to the school, so they can move them foward to the resort with deadline o fone month before the trip.

How is the rooms division?

The school is the one that makes the rooms division, always separating boys from girls and hand over to us.

How are the meals and what is included in the package?

Self service system, with desserts freely, being 3 daily meals

    • Continental Breakfast – Natural juice, coffee, milk, tea, more than 10 types of breads, savory, 3 types of buns, 3 types of cakes, cold dishes, yogurt, cereals, fruits, jams, omelett, cheese bread, sausage. There are 48 items in total.
    • Lunch and dinner – More than 10 types of hot meals, 7 types of salad and 7 desserts.
    • Beverage - Branded soft drinks like Coca-Cola, concentrated juice and water courtesy and freely for the lunch and dinner.

To whom should be delivered the student’s medicine?

To the teachers ou guardians that will be responsible for the group.

My son is a little desorganized, who in the Resort will take care of its belongins?

Each student is responsible for its belongins, we give some tipes, like: leave valuable items in the security safe at the suite.

Luggage recommendation.

  • What is good to bring: Sunscreen, Insect repellent, Hairbrush and/or comb, Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Soap with soap dish, Plastic bag for dirty clothes, Shampoo and conditioner. Basic, daily, or allergy medicines (inform monitors about schedules and allergies). 2 pairs of long pants, 2 pairs of sneakers (*1 Old pair), 6 T-shirts, 8 Underwear and socks, Shorts and Bermuda shorts, 2 Hats, 1 Sports tracksuit, 1 Pajama, a pair of pants or shorts, a T-shirt, and old sneakers (*for eco-trail). Clothes for parties: Casual attire and for the fancy dress party (bring your own costume). Pillow, 2 Bed sheets, 1 Pillowcase, 1 Blanket or comforter, 1 Face towel, Pool towel, Bath towel, Flip-flops, Swim trunks or Bikini.
  • NOTE: Bedding and bath linens are mandatory (bed sheet, pool and bath towel, face towel, blanket).
  • It is up to the student to bring what they deem necessary. This list is only a suggestion.