26 Aug 2023

Terra Parque hosts an exclusive financial management event for its employees and their families.

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In a milestone of success marking two decades, Terra Parque is celebrating its twentieth anniversary by hosting a series of events, once again demonstrating its commitment to appreciating its team. Among the actions that highlight this special period, a noteworthy event is the hosting of a Financial Management lecture, designed exclusively for the resort's employees and their families.

Palestra de Gestão Financeira

Financial Management Lecture

Delivered by the renowned speaker Alexandre Bertocelo, who boasts an impressive finance-related portfolio including an MBA in Finance and Stock Analysis, a post-doctorate in Regional Development, and a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy, the event aimed to offer its employees a unique learning opportunity about family budgeting, expense management, debt control, and investment strategies for a financially secure future.

Alexandre Bertocelo palestrante do evento de Gestão Financeira

The event wasn't just a lecture; it was a time of interaction, relaxation, and learning. In addition to Bertocelo's insightful explanations, the resort's employees engaged in interactive activities aimed at intuitively reinforcing the presented financial concepts.

Furthermore, the event featured over 20 brands that came together as sponsors, providing various giveaways that were raffled among the participants, along with a delightful coffee break, offering leisure time for the employees' families as well.

Funcionária que recebeu um dos prêmios do evento de Gestão Financeira

Amidst applause and expressions of gratitude, one of the resort's employees highlighted, "It was a very valuable and thought-provoking moment, where I learned how to manage my money, control my finances, and how to invest in my own and my family's future." - said Vitor, a resort employee who attended the lecture.

Resort's Internal Committee

The initiative for this action came from an internal committee within the resort, comprised of the employees themselves, whose mission is to create and implement internal activities that enhance and enrich everyone's experience. Additionally, a committee member shared their joy in being part of the creation of such a significant moment: "To see so many events coming to fruition as part of our 20th-anniversary celebrations is truly heartening. As a committee member and part of the Talent Management team, we tirelessly work to bring meaningful moments to our coworkers, and witnessing the engagement and interest of everyone in this initiative is truly rewarding," says Maísa from the resort's Human Resources team.

In summary, the Financial Management event was a success and is just one of several actions taking place during the resort's 20th-anniversary celebration semester.

Recreation Staff Immersion

In addition to the event, the resort recently conducted a Recreation Staff Immersion. This was an internal and professional training program featuring guest speakers and the special presence of speaker Thiago Aquino, the program was tailored for the resort's recreation team and included theoretical content, practical exercises, outdoor training, and professional etiquette training provided by Expertise Consulting.

Treinamento ao ar livre da Imersão Para Recreadores

During the immersion, Thiago Aquino, an expert with over 10 years of experience in the field of recreation, author of 74 books, holder of a degree in Physical Education, and a member of the World Leisure Organization, enriched the participants' experience by delivering lectures that explored advanced techniques in the realm of recreation.

In summary, actions like these highlight Terra Parque's commitment to its team, and its continuous endeavor to provide memorable moments reaffirms its position as a truly exceptional workplace.

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