05 Jul 2023

Terra Parque launches YouTube channel for kids

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We live in a time where children are constantly bombarded with information of all shapes and sizes on the internet. In this ever-expanding virtual world, there is an urgent need to protect our little ones from harmful content and promote access to healthy materials that stimulate their growth and positive development.

The internet, despite being an incredible tool, poses significant risks for children. With just a few clicks, they can come across violent, sexually explicit, or harmful content that can negatively impact their mental and emotional well-being. This early exposure to inappropriate material can have serious consequences, affecting their worldview, self-esteem, and even their behavior.

As parents and caregivers, it is our responsibility to filter and supervise what our children consume on the internet. It is essential that we remain vigilant about the dangers and take proactive measures to ensure that children have access only to healthy and educational content.

In this context, Terra Parque has decided to take the lead in promoting a safe and healthy digital environment for children. With the launch of the Terrinhas YouTube channel, the resort provides a reliable alternative for families to trust in high-quality children's content and videos without worries.

The channel features various games and educational content, providing parents with the peace of mind that their children are being exposed to quality content developed with the intention of educating, inspiring, and entertaining in a healthy and positive manner. After all, our children deserve an enriching digital experience where they can learn, explore, and have fun without any risks.

Terra Parque Eco Resort has a deeply rooted culture that values family and is committed to the education and healthy growth of children. It stimulates creativity, promotes learning, and strengthens family bonds.

A recently released video on the channel teaches children how to make a bilboquet, an old-fashioned toy that consists of a wooden ball with a hole, attached to a stick with a string. To play, one must try to catch the hole of the ball on the top of the stick by tossing it up without letting it go.

Vídeo Bilboquê dos Terrinhas

Therefore, the launch of the Terrinhas YouTube channel, filled with safe and educational videos, is a natural extension of Terra Parque's commitment to contribute to the healthy and happy development of children. To access the channel, simply search for "Terrinhas" on YouTube.

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