29 Mar 2024

Renewing Bonds and Celebrating Easter at Terra Parque

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Easter with employees is a very special moment for companies, marked by renewal, reflection, and hope for better days. It's an opportunity to leave behind what no longer serves and embrace new opportunities, bringing together colleagues in celebration.

Here at Terra Parque, special occasions are moments to reaffirm the values that guide us, not just on paper, but also in practice. It's an opportunity to strengthen bonds with our team and show how much we value each member of the Terra Parque family.

This year, we conducted endomarketing during Easter with employees, providing a moment of reflection and joy for everyone. In a dynamic that encouraged camaraderie and unity, everyone exchanged chocolates as a symbol of giving and affection. It was a way to celebrate generosity and renew the bonds that unite us.

Additionally, Easter with employees was a moment of relaxation, further reinforcing the culture of our company. Our purpose is to provide happy moments not only for our guests but also for our team, after all, we are one big family.

Páscoa dos colaboradores Terra Parque

This action is just one of the many initiatives we undertake to promote well-being and integration among our employees. We are committed to creating a work environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and happy.

On Easter and every day, we are together, strengthening bonds and celebrating life. Come join this family and live unforgettable moments with us at Terra Parque!

Colaboradora do Terra Parque se divertindo na Páscoa

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