17 May 2023

Where to travel in June 2023?

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When looking for a destination to travel to in June, the festive atmosphere and typical foods, along with the cultural traditions that mark this month, immediately come to mind. And there's nothing better than enjoying all the fun experiences and festivities that are part of this season at one of the best resorts in Brazil.

Terra Parque Eco Resort has designed a special program to celebrate the month of June, where the traditions of the Brazilian countryside meet with comfort, entertainment, festivities, and delicious food prepared with love and care, especially for you!



Program Sertanejo at Terra Parque

Starting with the long-awaited "arraiá" (Brazilian June festival)! We have prepared a lively and traditional June festivity filled with games, prizes, dances, and typical foods, including the famous "quentão" (mulled wine) and a beautiful mock wedding ceremony. The event promises to be a delightful celebration of the Brazilian countryside's rich culture and customs.

The fun doesn't stop there! Along with the themed recreational activities, we have a lineup that includes "Pescando com Nerso" (Fishing with Nerso), Caipirinha Tournament, "Quiz Modão" (Country Music Quiz), "As Aventuras de Emília" (Emília's Adventures), Berrante Challenge, and much more. These activities cater to all age groups, starting from the little ones as young as 4 years old, and they run from early morning till evening. There's something exciting for everyone to enjoy throughout the day!



An empty bag can't stand upright, right? And to enjoy all this programming, you'll need plenty of energy, which is why Terra Restaurant offers different themed meals every day, featuring the best of gastronomy prepared by our chef. We'll have Caipira Dinner, Brazilian Lunch, Italian Dinner, Country Lunch, all with complimentary and unlimited drinks during meals, along with an incredible dessert station to satisfy your sweet tooth!

And if you're a fan of juicy and flavorful meat, you'll fall in love with the Gaúcho Barbecue at Terra Parque, featuring an exclusive area for traditional open-fire cooking. The stuffed ribs will make you lick your lips and ask for more. It's a mouthwatering experience you won't want to miss!


Hot pools

As the month of June arrives, a little chill sets in, doesn't it? But here, no cold can stop you from taking a dip in the pools because our pools are heated. We have an indoor complex with heated pools, a cozy hot tub, and a sauna. In addition, we have a volcanic-themed pool with cave-like features, stalactites, and a life-size dinosaur. So, you can enjoy a swim in any weather and indulge in a unique and adventurous pool experience.

If you're planning to travel in June, start preparing yourself to experience the traditions and joys of typical Brazilian festivities, including the "arraia" (June festival), "festa junina" (June party), and barbecue. It will be an unforgettable experience at Terra Parque. For more information, simply visit our website, or Whatsapp (18) 981480079


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