MARCH 28, 2024

Onboarding at Terra Parque: New Employee Integration

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A new work environment can be exciting, but it can also be intimidating for new members. In this scenario, the integration process, known as onboarding, becomes a key piece for organizational success.

What is the onboarding?

At Terra Parque Eco Resort, the Human Resources team administers this process with mastery. With the purpose of integrating new employees into the company's great team from the early stages of their professional journey, onboarding is the first and essential step of employee integration. This includes familiarizing them with the organizational culture, rules, and other aspects that shape life in the company.

The onboarding process at Terra Parque is even more strategic, being aligned with the company's culture, which is certified by the GPTW seal. This recognition, granted by a renowned global consultancy, attests to the resort's commitment to providing one of the best work environments, where employees feel valued and integrated from day one.

How is the integration process at Terra Parque?

At Terra Parque Eco Resort, the onboarding process introduces new employees to the entire organizational structure. It immerses them in the company's culture and internal policies. Additionally, the resort provides a welcome kit, highlighting the care and hospitality that are part of the experience of being part of the Terra Parque family.

More than just an introduction to the company, the onboarding process at Terra Parque is also a social integration moment. Employees participate in activities together with the new team members, allowing them to develop strong relationships from the beginning of their journeys.

In addition to onboarding, Terra Parque invests in various other stages of employee development. This includes specific trainings, events, and celebrations that enrich the experience of each team member. From the recent celebration event marking the resort's 20 years to feedback meetings and other internal actions, Terra Parque values and prioritizes the growth and well-being of its employees. It becomes not only a workplace but also a home for those who are part of its team.

Onboarding do Terra Parque Eco Resort


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