22 Jun 2024

Karol Alves at Terra Parque Eco Resort

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The Terra Parque Eco Resort is known for hosting various digital influencers and celebrities. Recently, the resort had the pleasure of welcoming the illustrious Karol Alves, a big name in Brazilian entertainment.

About Karol Alves

Karol Alves is an actress, model, and drama producer. With over 3 million followers on social media, Karol Alves stands out as a highly influential figure with a wide reach and impact. She began her career by portraying Raíssa Profissa on Luccas Neto's channel. Later, in 2019, on Luccas Toon, she became one of the first supporting characters in the current phase, playing the role of Vitória, the Yellow Adventurer, or Amarelhinha, as she is affectionately known. Her performance opened doors for new characters and solidified her position in the world of entertainment.

Karol Alves has worked on several projects for Netflix, starring in various successful movies, including "Acampamento de Férias," "O Dia das Crianças" "Acampamento de Férias 2," "Um Natal Muito Atrapalhado," "Acampamento de Férias 3," "O Mapa do Tesouro 2," and "O Plano dos Vilões." His talent and versatility have won over both the audience and critics, establishing his career as one of the most promising in his generation.

Experience at Terra Parque Eco Resort

During his visit to Terra Parque Eco Resort, Karol Alves shared his experience: "It's my second time here at the resort. This time, I came with my family to check out the new things. Now, I have a family in Presidente Prudente, in the countryside of São Paulo, and I wanted to enjoy this time together in a place as special as Terra Parque."

The Terra Parque Eco Resort is proud to have hosted several celebrities over the years. Among the distinguished visitors are Maiara & Maraísa, Whindersson Nunes, Almir Sater, Ary Toledo, Fernanda Vasconcellos, Heloísa Périssé, Kayky Brito, Malvino Salvador, Murilo Couto, Priscila Fantin, as well as Thiago Ventura, Vera Fischer, Yasmin Santos, Rey Costa, and many others. They all came to enjoy the wonderful experience provided by the resort, which combines leisure, fun, and nature in a first-class environment.

If you want to live this unforgettable experience at Terra Parque Eco Resort, check out the resort's website or contact us via WhatsApp (18) 99730-1085. Come find out why so many celebrities choose Terra Parque as their leisure and relaxation destination.

Karol Alves no Terra Parque Eco Resort

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