02 Apr 2024

Easter 2024: A Enchanting Holiday at Terra Parque Eco Resort

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Enjoying Easter Holiday 2024:

The Easter Holiday is always a special time, an opportunity to gather with family, celebrate renewal, and create unforgettable memories. At Terra Parque Eco Resort, guests experienced Easter 2024 with all the magic and charm it deserves, providing a truly enchanting experience.

Throughout the entire holiday, families enjoyed a schedule filled with themed activities and fun. One of the many themed activities was the entertaining game of "Dirty Bunny," which brought laughter and provided moments of relaxation for all ages. Additionally, the traditional Easter egg hunt led by the Easter Bunny himself enchanted the children and brought a special sparkle to their eyes.

Exclusive Easter Offerings at Terra Parque:

But that's not all. The resort's cuisine was a true spectacle in itself. Throughout the holiday, guests enjoyed menus specially crafted for the occasion, featuring exquisite and delicious dishes that delighted even the most discerning palates. The highlight was the incredible chocolate table exclusively featured at Sunday's lunch, a true culinary masterpiece with an imposing chocolate volcano at its center, winning over not only sweet lovers but also everyone present.

And of course, we can't forget to mention the exclusivity of Terra Parque Eco Resort. During the Easter holiday, guests had the opportunity to experience the incredible spectacle of the Terra Parque Volcano. It was a unique experience that involved everyone in a show of audiovisual effects and real fire, transporting them to a world of magic and fantasy.

Certainly, Easter 2024 at Terra Parque Eco Resort was much more than just a holiday. After all, it was a moment of celebration, renewal, and unity, where families could create precious memories that will be cherished for many years. To experience moments like these, please contact us through the website or via WhatsApp at (18) 99730-1085 

Mesa de Chocolates Páscoa 2024 no Terra Parque Eco Resort

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