18 Apr 2024

WTM: Terra Parque present at the largest tourism fair in Latin America

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The Importance of WTM Latin America

WTM Latin America is recognized as the premier event in the travel and tourism industry in Latin America. Over three intense days, professionals from various fields come together to explore the latest trends, establish partnerships, and discover business opportunities. With over 27,000 participants and 620 exhibiting companies, the fair provides a unique platform for networking and learning.

Regional Representation at the Largest Tourism Event

For Terra Parque, located in the interior of the state of São Paulo, represented by Júlio Moraes, CEO of Grupo Terra Parque, along with his Marketing team and Commercial director, being present at WTM Latin America is essential. The goal is to dive into the latest developments in tourism, marketing, and commercial trends, bringing a true vision for the future of the Western São Paulo region. Participation in the event aims to boost the local tourism potential and strengthen the regional economy of Western São Paulo.

During the fair, the CEO had the opportunity to explore internationally renowned exhibitions, showcasing cutting-edge technology and global trends. Stands from various states of Brazil were also present, highlighting the culture, gastronomy, and regional events, showcasing the tourist potential of each destination.

Above all, the lectures offered rich content, with the presence of executives from renowned companies such as Google and TikTok. In addition, various immersive experiences were provided, highlighting the importance of the tourist experience and the potential of gastronomic tourism, with several live gastronomy shows.

Commitment to Regional Development

For Júlio Moraes, owner of Terra Parque Eco Resort, being at WTM Latin America was enriching. "Participating in WTM Latin America was an incredible experience. The insights gained are invaluable for the development of tourism in our region. I am eager to share this knowledge and contribute to the growth of the entire tourism chain in the West of São Paulo," says Júlio Moraes.

The president is excited about the promising future that tourism offers for the region. He is committed to using the lessons learned at WTM Latin America to further develop the area, seeking new opportunities for growth and improvement.

Therefore, Terra Parque Eco Resort's participation in WTM Latin America reinforces the company's commitment to excellence and innovation in the tourism sector and regional development. With a strategic vision and continuous investment, the resort aims to consolidate its position as a prominent destination on the national and international stage. Terra Parque is located just 10 minutes from Presidente Prudente Airport, and to learn more about the resort, simply visit the website at or via WhatsApp at (18) 99730-1085.

Julio Moraes e sua equipe de marketing e momercial na WTM

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