16 Aug 2023

Terra Parque Convention Center offers outdoor training as a unique feature for companies.

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When a company plans an event for its employees, it's essential to understand their reality, considering the hours they spend indoors, and while seeking the best option to hold it, outdoor training emerges as the choice that sparks creativity and engagement.

First, teams spend hours and hours in enclosed spaces, creating an atmosphere that hinders new creative solutions. Second, there aren't significant possibilities for a genuine immersion in situations that reflect life experiences when choosing just a hall to hold the event. Lastly, it's always necessary to consider a location that offers a comprehensive infrastructure to accommodate the entire event program.

Disconnecting from the conventional setting, the urban environment, and the daily routine is extremely beneficial for the work team. It makes them feel lighter, more creative, and brings a lot more team engagement.

Terra Parque Eco Resort provides all the necessary facilities for conducting various Outdoor Experiential Learning (OEL) programs, where many companies opt for nature-based experiences instead of indoor lectures.

It's possible to host the event with adventure sports, such as tree climbing, zip-lining, trails, lakes, and much more, creating scenarios of challenging moments and real-life situations that demand leadership, planning, teamwork, and decision-making from the participants.

Atividade com caiaque em treinamento ao ar livre

After engaging in various outdoor activities, it's only natural for participants to work up an appetite. That's why the resort offers a restaurant facility that comfortably accommodates up to 750 people. The restaurant is equipped with restrooms, a sound system, video connectivity, flip chart facilities, and air conditioning. What's more, you can also enjoy the extensive gastronomy section of the resort, which offers different themed meals every day. All of this is conveniently located on-site, eliminating the need to travel to another distant location from where the training is taking place.

If there is a need for overnight stays, the resort provides over 140 comfortable apartments located in different themed villages. This setup allows for complete rest in the soothing embrace of nature.

The Terra Parque Convention Center also features over 7 event halls, collectively accommodating more than 1500 people. These halls are perfect for hosting various types of events, ranging from corporate gatherings to social and religious occasions.

To bring your event to nature at Terra Parque, simply visit the website or mensage us on Whatsapp (18) 981480079.

Slackline com equipes no treinamento ao ar livre

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