13 Nov 2023

Terra Parque Eco Resort Celebrates 20 Years of Hospitality Excellence

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The resort's 20 years represent a special milestone, marking a journey filled with achievements and evolutions that have transformed the location into a true benchmark in hospitality in the country.

04 - Clientes do Terra Parque Eco Resort nos 20 anos

From its humble beginnings with a camping proposal, the resort has flourished to become one of the most recommended destinations, now boasting over 143 apartments and earning the status of one of the best resorts in the country with top-notch service ratings.

The 20 years of Terra Parque have been marked by a succession of significant events. This year, the resort was recognized by TikTok Brasil as a reference in creativity, went viral with the Terra Parque Volcano on the internet, won the award for Best Resort at the KAYAK Travel Awards 2023, launched the Terra Park Orlando Vacation Home, revitalized its aquatic complex, initiated various projects for new attractions, reached a peak of 2.5 million visitors on the website last month, and received the Traveller Review Awards 2023 from, all while celebrating two decades of history.

03 - Vulcão Terra Parque que viralizou nas redes sociais durante os 20 anos

One of the greatest honors during this celebration was the recognition of the resort as one of the best resorts in the world by the TripAdvisor traveler community. With over 4,000 customer reviews, the resort achieved the highest rating in service, solidifying Terra Parque as a benchmark for excellence in accommodation and reaffirming the resort's commitment to providing exceptional experiences for its guests.

01 - Funcionária Flávia comemorando os 20 anos do Terra Parque

"It's 20 years of dedication, innovation, and above all, providing memorable experiences to our guests. We are very proud of the journey we have undertaken," shares Sandra Yokota, co-owner of the resort.

Júlio Moraes, also a co-owner, adds, "Remembering our humble beginnings fills us with gratitude. We started with simple accommodations and a small team, where each of us contributed in different roles. Today, with over 300 collaborators by our side, we look towards a promising future, always maintaining our commitment to excellence."

02 - Júlio Moraes e Sandra Yokota, proprietários do Terra Parque Eco Resort

Located just 10 minutes from Presidente Prudente Airport, Terra Parque Eco Resort is part of the Terra Parque Group, which includes Terra Casa Náutica in Presidente Epitácio, along the banks of the Paraná River, and Terra Park Orlando, a vacation home just minutes from the Disney World Orlando complex.

These 20 years represent a journey of growth, innovation, and dedication, and Terra Parque Eco Resort celebrates not only its past achievements but also the exciting opportunities that the future holds.

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