16 Sep 2023

Terra Parque enhances the culinary experience with training in confectionery and bakery

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In the global culinary landscape, the demands of palates are becoming increasingly refined. The pursuit of complete culinary experiences has become a constant demand as people seek to be enchanted by unique and unforgettable flavors, especially in the realm of confectionery.

"With a commitment to continually enhance the culinary experiences of its customers, Terra Parque Eco Resort has decided to take a step forward and elevate its gastronomic menu. The goal is to provide memorable moments for visitors, and to achieve this aim, the resort has invested in high-level training for its pastry and bakery teams.

The training was conducted by the renowned Chef Ronaldo, with over two decades of experience in baking and pastry. Chef Ronaldo shared his expertise, emphasizing the importance of attention to detail and a passion for the culinary arts. In his words, 'This training aims not only to refine technical skills but also to inspire the team to elevate the level of the culinary experience offered by Terra Parque.'

Chefe Ronaldo em treinamento de confeitaria

The training had a dual focus, encompassing both theoretical and practical foundations. The teams were introduced to various techniques to enhance their skills and learned about new items that can be incorporated into the resort's menu, following the latest market trends. Among these innovations, notable additions include semi-Italian buttery bread, upside-down red fruit cake, Dutch slice, Dutch tart, and the famous brownie cake, a sensation that has been gaining fame in the culinary world in recent months.

Torta Brownie da confeitaria finalizada

Terra Parque is committed to providing its customers with a complete and unforgettable culinary experience. Through this training, its employees are equipped to create a true culinary journey where each dish tells a story of flavor and dedication.

One of the employees who participated in the training expressed gratitude, stating: "I thank Terra Parque for investing in our training. The techniques we learned are amazing, and I can't wait to put them into practice and delight our customers with unique flavors."

Resultado do treinamento com a equipe de confeitaria


"Terra Parque continues its relentless quest to enhance the experience of those who visit its premises. Exciting updates are on the horizon, and to be surprised, simply visit the resort's website or get in touch via WhatsApp (18) 98148-0079. The resort is located just 10 minutes from Presidente Prudente Airport, ready to delight everyone with an unparalleled culinary journey."


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