16 Sep 2023

Discover a new way of learning through the Pedagogical Activity

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Descubra uma nova forma de aprender no Terra Parque: Atividade Pedagógica

At Terra Parque Eco Resort, learning goes far beyond the four walls of the classroom. Here, children have the unique opportunity to absorb knowledge in an exciting and hands-on way while having fun. The Pedagogical Activityallows the little ones to learn everything taught in school, but in a completely unique way: through play.

An Unforgettable Ecological Immersion

Get ready for an incredible adventure that involves ecological immersion. Terra Parque offers a stunning natural setting that will become the stage for the most exciting experiences for children. They will have the opportunity to engage in sustainable practices and learn about the fauna and flora of the Atlantic Rainforest during an ecological tour through our environmental preservation areas. Moreover, they will discover how it is possible to generate sustainable energy through the study of biomass. It's a unique chance to combine fun and education at one of the best resorts in Brazil.

Aprender na mata reservada do Terra Parque

What is included in the Pedagogical Activity?

In our pedagogical project, children will have access to various study lines and practical experiences that enable a complete ecological immersion. Fun is guaranteed as they explore environmental preservation areas, get to know the flora and fauna of the Atlantic Rainforest, and learn about sustainable energy generation through biomass.

Furthermore, the little ones will embark on a journey through Earth's history with a dive into the 'Dinosaur Era.' They will have the opportunity to see authentic fossils from Terra Parque's collection, visit the resort's volcano, and understand the formation of caves, stalactites, and stalagmites. And to ensure fun, they will learn hands-on how to build an erupting volcano.

"At our resort, children's learning is a priority. The pedagogical activity is an initiative that invests in the future of children, providing practical and exciting education that will stay with them forever in their memories. Come be a part of this unique learning and fun experience at our resort, where knowledge turns into adventure, through the WhatsApp (18) 98148-0079!

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