February 16, 2024

Graduation trips to family destinations are the most sought after by parents of teenagers.

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With classes just beginning, parents of 9th-grade classes face the dilemma of choosing how to celebrate this achievement for their children, and the graduation trip is the most recommended option, as it offers unique and lasting experiences for the young ones.

At Terra Parque Eco Resort, near Presidente Prudente Airport in São Paulo, Terra Graduation is the ideal choice. As a result of over 15 years of expertise, Terra Graduation promotes a culture with family values. Above all, it provides a complete and safe experience for teenagers in a paradisiacal environment.

Festa a Fantasia do Terra Formatura

Imagine your child enjoying the best parties of his life, exciting competitions, and several swimming pools. At Terra Graduation 2024, each student will take home incredible memories, thanks to the concern for providing suitable and safe experiences.

The planned structure encourages healthy interpersonal development, with boys and girls staying in separate villas and activities monitored by a highly trained recreational team. The entry of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, and there is no sale at the resort.

Terra Formatura 2024

The 2024 program includes a wide range of recreational activities, daily parties, championships, adventure sports, and first-rate gastronomy. This year's novelties include the presence of influencers and the exciting TF Bunker Games, an arena where there will be championships of teenagers' favorite online games.

Parents and teachers recommend

Ana Kiara, coordinator at Colégio Incomar in Paraná, has been bringing her classes for 8 years and praises the experience: "We always choose Terra Formatura because of the security, food, recreational programming with wonderful staff, and every year the feedback from both students and parents is very positive."

Julio Moraes and Sandra Yokota, owners of the resort, prioritize family values: "Terra Formatura is, above all, more than just a trip. It's an opportunity for students to create unforgettable memories in an environment that nurtures them, something we always seek to provide for our guests," Julio Moraes reports.

Sandra Yokota shares: "First and foremost, at Terra Formatura, we not only aim to provide fun, but also safety and values that parents seek. Terra Formatura is the extension of that commitment, where each student develops more every day."

Don't miss the opportunity to offer a unique experience for your child at Terra Formatura. Contact us through the website. ou WhatsApp (18) 99647-7989 para mais informações e reservas.

Terra Formatura no Terra Parque Eco Resort

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